32 CFR Part 636, Appendix A to Part 636 - References

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Appendix A to Part 636—References
Publications and forms referenced in this part may be viewed at the Office of the Provost Marshall on any major Army installation or may be obtained from the National Technical Information Service, U.S. Department of Commerce, 5285 Port Royal Road, Springfield, VA 22161.
In addition to the related publications listed in appendix A to part 634 of this subchapter, the following publications provide a source of additional information:
FS Reg 190-7, Emergency Vehicle Operation
FS Reg 350-1, Active Component Training
FS Reg 385-14, Post Range Regulation
FS Reg 755-2, Lost, Abandoned, or Unclaimed Privately Owned Personal Property
In addition to the prescribed forms used in appendix A to part 634 of this subchapter, the following forms should be used:
AFZP Form Letter 316, Suspension of Driving Privileges
DA Form 3946, Military Police Traffic Accident Report
DA Form 3975, Military Police Report
DD Form 1920, Alcohol Influence Report
DD Form 2220, DOD Registered Vehicle
DD Form 2504, Abandoned Vehicle Notice
DD Form 2505, Abandoned Vehicle Removal Authorization
DD Form 2506, Vehicle Impoundment Report
DD Form 2507, Notice of Vehicle Impoundment
Other References
Memorandum of Understanding, Subject: Seizure of Assets for Administrative Forfeiture in Drug Related Cases.

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