32 CFR Part 806, Appendix A to Part 806 - References

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Appendix A to Part 806—References
Title 5, United States Code, Section 552, The Freedom of Information Act, as amended
Title 5, United States Code, Section 552a, The Privacy Act (as amended)
Title 10, United States Code, Section 2305(g), Prohibition on Release of Contractor Proposals
Title 48, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) System
OMB Bulletin 95-01, 7 December 1994
OMB Memorandum, 6 February 1998
DoD 5200.1-R, Information Security Program, January 1997
AFI 16-701, Special Access Programs
AFI 31-206, Security Police Investigations
AFI 31-401, Information Security Program Management
AFI 31-501, Personnel Security Program Management
AFI 31-601, Industrial Security Program Management
AFI 33-129, Transmission of Information Via the Internet
AFI 35-205, Air Force Security and Policy Review Program
AFI 36-2603, Air Force Board for Correction of Military Records
AFI 36-2706, Military Equal Opportunity and Treatment Program
AFI 36-2906, Personal Financial Responsibility
AFI 36-2907, Unfavorable Information File (UIF) Program
AFPD 37-1, Air Force Information Management (will convert to AFPD 33-3)
AFI 37-124, The Information Collections and Reports Management Program; Controlling Internal, Public, and Interagency Air Force Information Collections (will convert to AFI 33-324)
AFI 37-132, Air Force Privacy Act Program (will convert to AFI 33-332)
AFMAN 37-139, Records Disposition Schedule (will convert to AFMAN 33-339)
AFI 40-301, Family Advocacy
AFI 41-210, Patient Administration Functions
AFI 44-109, Mental Health and Military Law
AFI 51-201, Administration of Military Justice
AFI 51-301, Civil Litigation
AFI 51-303, Intellectual Property-Patents, Patent Related Matters, Trademarks, and Copyrights
AFI 51-501, Tort Claims
AFI 51-503, Aircraft, Missile, Nuclear and Space Accident Investigations
AFI 51-504, Legal Assistance, Notary and Preventive Law Programs
AFI 51-1102, Cooperation with the Office of the Special Counsel
AFI 61-204, Disseminating Scientific and Technical Information
AFI 61-303, Licensing Inventions Made Under Cooperative Research and Development Agreements
AFI 65-401, Relations With the General Accounting Office
AFI 71-101, Volume 1, Criminal Investigations
AFI 71-101, Volume 2, Protective Service Matters
AFI 84-101, Historical Products, Services, and Requirements
AFI 90-301, Inspector General Complaints
AFI 90-401, Air Force Relations With Congress
AFI 91-204, Safety Investigations and Reports

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