32 CFR Part 806b, Appendix A to Part 806b - Definitions

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Appendix A to Part 806 b—Definitions
Access: Allowing individuals to review or receive copies of their records.
Amendment: The process of adding, deleting, or changing information in a system of records to make the data accurate, relevant, timely, or complete.
Computer matching: A computerized comparison of two or more automated systems of records or a system of records with non-Federal records to establish or verify eligibility for payments under Federal benefit programs or to recover delinquent debts for these programs.
Confidential source: A person or organization giving information under an express or implied promise of confidentiality made before September 27, 1975.
Confidentiality: An expressed and recorded promise to withhold the identity of a source or the information provided by a source. The Air Force promises confidentiality only when the information goes into a system with an approved exemption for protecting the identity of confidential sources.
Cookie: Data created by a Web server that is stored on a user's computer either temporarily for that session only or permanently on the hard disk (persistent cookie). It provides a way for the Web site to identify users and keep track of their preferences. It is commonly used to “maintain the state” of the session. A third-party cookie either originates on or is sent to a Web site different from the one you are currently viewing.
Defense Data Integrity Board: Composed of representatives from DoD components and the services who oversee, coordinate, and approve all DoD computer matching programs covered by the Act.
Denial Authority: The individuals with authority to deny requests for access or amendment of records under the Privacy Act.
Disclosure: Giving information from a system, by any means, to anyone other than the record subject.
Federal benefit program: A Federally funded or administered program for individuals that provides cash or in-kind assistance (payments, grants, loans, or loan guarantees).
Individual: A living U.S. citizen or a permanent resident alien.
Minor: Anyone under the age of majority according to local state law. If there is no applicable state law, a minor is anyone under age 18. Military members and married persons are not minors, no matter what their chronological age.
Personal identifier: A name, number, or symbol that is unique to an individual, usually the person's name or Social Security Number.
Personal information: Information about an individual other than items of public record.
Privacy Act request: An oral or written request by an individual about his or her records in a system of records.
Privacy advisory: A statement required when soliciting personally-identifying information by an Air Force web site and the information is not maintained in a system of records. The Privacy Advisory informs the individual why the information is being solicited and how it will be used.
Privacy Impact Assessment: A written assessment of an information system that addresses the information to be collected, the purpose and intended use; with whom the information will be shared; notice or opportunities for consent to individuals; how the information will be secured; and whether a new system of records is being created under the Privacy Act.
Record: Any information about an individual.
Routine use: A disclosure of records to individuals or agencies outside DoD for a use that is compatible with the purpose for which the Air Force created the records.
System manager: The official who is responsible for managing a system of records, including policies and procedures to operate and safeguard it. Local system managers operate record systems or are responsible for part of a decentralized system.
System of records: A group of records retrieved by the individual's name, personal identifier; or individual identifier through a cross-reference system.
System notice: The official public notice published in the Federal Register of the existence and content of the system of records.

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