33 CFR § 101.520 - Electronic TWIC inspection.

To conduct electronic TWIC inspection, the owner or operator of a vessel or facility must ensure the following actions are performed.

(a) Card authentication. The TWIC must be authenticated by performing a challenge/response protocol using the Certificate for Card Authentication (CCA) and the associated card authentication private key stored in the TWIC.

(b) Card validity check. The TWIC must be checked to ensure the TWIC has not expired and against TSA's list of cancelled TWICs, and no match on the list may be found.

(c) Identity verification.

(1) One of the biometric templates stored in the TWIC must be matched to the TWIC-holder's live sample biometric or, by matching to the PACS enrolled reference biometrics linked to the FASC-N of the TWIC; or

(2) If an individual is unable to provide a valid live sample biometric, the TWIC-holder must enter a Personal Identification Number (PIN) and pass a visual TWIC inspection.

[USCG-2007-28915, 81 FR 57708, Aug. 23, 2016]

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