33 CFR § 117.106 - Black Warrior River.

§ 117.106 Black Warrior River.

The draw of the Alabama Gulf Coast (AGR) vertical lift span (Yo-Yo) bridge across the Black Warrior River, mile 219.0, at Demopolis, shall operate as follows:

(a) The draw shall be maintained in the fully open-to-navigation position for vessels at all times, except during periods when it is closed for the passage of rail traffic.

(b) Railroad track circuits will initiate the automatic bridge opening and closing sequences. (Estimated duration that the bridge will remain closed for passage of rail traffic is 10 to 15 minutes.)

(c) Upon detecting an approaching train, the track circuits will initiate bridge closing warning consisting of continuous horn blowing and the navigation lights changing to flashing yellow. Photoelectric (infrared) boat detectors will monitor the waterway beneath the bridge for the presence of vessels.

(d) At the end of a six-minute warning period, if no vessels have been detected by the boat detectors, the bridge lowering sequence will automatically proceed taking approximately two minutes to complete. As soon as the bridge leaves the up position, the horn will silence but the navigation lights change to flashing red.

(e) Upon passage of the train, the bridge will automatically open unless another movement is detected. The navigation lights will continue to flash red until the bridge has returned to the full open position at which time they will change to steady green.

(f) The bridge can also be operated from two locked trackside control location (key releases) on the approach spans, one on each side of the movable span.

(g) To request openings of the bridge when the lift span is in the closed-to-navigation position, mariners may contact the AGR via VHF-FM channel 16 or by telephone at 205-654-4364.

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