33 CFR § 117.111 - Mobile River.

§ 117.111 Mobile River.

(a) The draw of the CSX Transportation Railroad bridge, mile 13.1 near Hurricane, AL shall be remotely operated by the bridge tender at CSX's bridge remote control center in Mobile, AL and shall open promptly and fully when signaled to open. Vessels can contact the CSX bridge tender via VHF-FM channel 13 or by telephone at the number displayed on the signs posted at the bridge to request an opening of the draw.

(b) CSX will return the tender to the bridge location within 3 hours following any of the below situations:

(1) Any component of the remote operations system fails and prevents the remote operator from being able to visually identify vessels, communicate with vessels, detect vessels immediately underneath the bridge or visually identify trains approaching the bridge;

(2) CSX fails to meet Federal Railway Administration (FRA) or any other government agency safety requirements;

(3) Anytime at the direction of the District Commander.

[USCG-2019-0911, 87 FR 42645, July 18, 2022]