33 CFR § 117.291 - Hillsborough River.

§ 117.291 Hillsborough River.

(a) The drawspans for the drawbridges at Platt Street, mile 0.0, Brorein Street, mile 0.16, Kennedy Boulevard, mile 0.4, Cass Street, mile 0.7, Laurel Street, mile 1.0, West Columbus Drive, mile 2.3, and West Hillsborough Avenue, mile 4.8, must open on signal if at least two hours notice is given; except that, the drawspan must open on signal as soon as possible for public vessels of the United States.

(b) The draw of the CSX Railroad Bridge across the Hillsborough River, mile 0.7, at Tampa, operates as follows:

(1) The bridge is not tended.

(2) The draw is normally in the fully open position, displaying green lights to indicate that vessels may pass.

(3) As a train approaches, provided the marine traffic detection laser scanners do not detect a vessel under the draw, the lights change to flashing red and a horn continuously sounds while the draw closes. The draw remains closed until the train passes.

(4) After the train clears the bridge, the lights continue to flash red and the horn again continuously sounds while the draw opens, until the draw is fully open and the lights return to green.

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