33 CFR § 117.297 - Little Manatee River.

§ 117.297 Little Manatee River.

The draw for the CSX Railroad Bridge, mile 2.4 near Ruskin, FL, shall operate as follows:

(a) The bridge is normally maintained in the closed position.

(b) The bridge is not tendered locally, but will be monitored and operated by a remote bridge tender.

(c) Marine radio communication shall be maintained, by the remote bridge tender, with mariners near the bridge for the safety of navigation. Visual monitoring of the waterway shall be maintained with the use of cameras. Detection sensors shall be installed for the detection of vessels within the radius of the swing span of the bridge.

(d) The draw must open on signal if at least three hours advance notice is requested via marine radio channel 9 VHF or telephone (813) 677-3974.

(e) The bridge shall not be operated from the remote location in the following events: Failure or obstruction of the detection sensors, cameras, or marine radio communications. In these situations, a bridge tender must be on-site and locally operate the bridge.

[USCG-2020-0573, 86 FR 15411, Mar. 23, 2021]