33 CFR § 117.435 - Carlin Bayou.

§ 117.435 Carlin Bayou.

(a) The draw of the Louisiana and Delta Railroad (LDRR) Bridge, mile 6.4, at Delcambre, shall operate as follows:

(1) The draw shall be maintained in the fully open position for navigation at all times, except during periods when it is closed for the passage of rail traffic.

(2) When a train approaches the bridge, it will stop and a crewmember from the train will observe the waterway for approaching vessels. If vessels are observed approaching the bridge, they will be allowed to pass prior to lowering the bridge. The crewmember will verify that the adjacent highway bridge is in the closed-to-navigation position prior to initiating the lowering sequence.

(3) After the train has completely passed over the bridge, the crewmember will initiate the raising sequence.

(4) To request openings of the bridge when the lift span is in the closed-to-navigation position, mariners may call the LDRR Signal Supervisor at 337-316-6015.

(b) The draw of the S14 bridge, mile 6.4 at Delcambre, shall open on signal; except that, from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. the draw shall open on signal if at least four hours notice is given. The draw shall open on less than four hours notice for an emergency and shall open on demand should a temporary surge in waterway traffic occur.

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