33 CFR § 117.589 - Cape Cod Canal.

§ 117.589 Cape Cod Canal.

The draw of the Conrail railroad bridge, mile 0.7 at Bourne, shall operate as follows:

(a) The draw is normally in the fully open position except for the passage of trains or for maintenance. No signal is required if the draw is in the fully open position.

(b) If the draw is not in the fully open position, the opening signal is one prolonged and one short blast.

(c) Signals to be sounded from the bridge are -

(1) Immediately preceding the opening of the draw, one prolonged blast;

(2) Immediately preceding the closing of the draw, two prolonged blasts;

(3) When a vessel has sounded the opening signal and the draw cannot be opened immediately, five short blasts in a rapid succession; and

(4) When the draw is closed and visibility is reduced in foggy weather, five short blasts in rapid succession every two minutes.