33 CFR § 117.735 - Newark Bay.

§ 117.735 Newark Bay.

The following requirements apply to all bridges across this waterway:

(a) Public vessels of the United States, state or local vessels used for public service, and vessels in distress shall be passed through the draw without delay. The opening signal from these vessels is four or more short blasts of a whistle or horn or a radio request.

(b) The owners of these bridges shall provide and keep in good legible condition two board gages painted white with black figures not less than 12 inches high to indicate the vertical clearance under the closed draw at all stages of the tide. The gages shall be so placed on the bridge that they are plainly visible to operators of vessels approaching the bridge either up or downstream.

(c) Trains and locomotives shall be controlled so that any delay in opening the draw span shall not exceed five minutes. However, if a train moving toward the bridge has crossed the home signal for the bridge before the signal requesting opening of the bridge is given, the train may continue across the bridge and must clear the bridge interlocks before stopping.

[CGD3 85-42, 50 FR 26712, June 28, 1985]