33 CFR § 117.755 - Shrewsbury River.

§ 117.755 Shrewsbury River.

The draw of the Sea Bright Bridge at mile 4.0, across the Shrewsbury River at Sea Bright, New Jersey, shall operate as follows:

(a) The draw shall open on signal at all times; except that, from the Friday before Memorial Day through Labor Day, on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays, between 9 a.m. and 7.pm., the draw need only open on the hour.

(b) The draw need not be opened at any time for a sail boat unless it is operating under auxiliary power or is being towed by a powered vessel.

(c) The owners of the bridge shall keep in good legible condition two clearance gages with figures not less than eight inches high, designed, installed, and maintained according to the provisions of § 118.160 of this chapter.

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