33 CFR § 117.781 - East River.

§ 117.781 East River.

The following requirements apply to the Roosevelt Island bridge, mile 6.4 at New York City, as follows:

(a) Public vessels of the United States Government, state or local vessels used for public safety, and vessels in distress shall be passed through the draws of each bridge as soon as possible without delay at anytime. The opening signal from these vessels shall be four or more short blasts of a whistle, horn or radio request.

(b) The owners of each bridge shall provide and keep in good legible condition clearance gauges for each draw with figures not less than 12 inches high designed, installed and maintained according to the provisions of § 118.160 of this chapter.

(c) The draw of the Roosevelt Island bridge shall open on signal if at least two hour advance notice is given to the drawtender at the Grand Street/Avenue bridge, mile 3.1 across Newtown Creek (East Branch), the New York Department of Transportation (NYCDOT) Radio Hotline or NYCDOT Bridge Operations Office. In the event the drawtender is at Borden Avenue or Hunters Point Avenue bridges mile 1.2 and 1.4, respectively, across Dutch Kills, up to an additional half hour delay may be required.

[CGD1-90-040, 55 FR 37710, Sept. 13, 1990, as amended by USCG-2009-0348, 74 FR 52888, Oct. 15, 2009]