33 CFR § 117.991 - Victoria Barge Canal.

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§ 117.991 Victoria Barge Canal.

The draw of the Victoria Barge Canal Railroad Bridge across Victoria Barge Canal, mile 29.4, at the Bloomington, Victoria County, Texas, shall operate as follows:

(a) The draw shall be unmanned and when a vessel with AIS equipment onboard approaches the two-mile post, the dispatcher will receive a prompt to open the bridge, if required, because a vessel is approaching. The vessel may continue to transit the waterway, but must tune their radiotelephone to VHF-FM channel 13 and receive passing instructions from the railroad dispatcher. The dispatcher must contact the vessel promptly to provide passing instruction to insure the continued safe transit of the vessel. Vessels without AIS equipment or vessels with AIS who would prefer to call via telephone, may call the railroad dispatcher at 800-262-4691 to arrange passing instructions.

(b) When any vessel approaches the one-mile post, the railroad dispatcher should have either cleared the vessel through the bridge or given an indication that a train is in the block and the vessel will be cleared as soon as practicable. If the vessel has not yet spoken with the railroad dispatcher, the vessel should immediately call the railroad dispatcher via telephone at 800-262-4691.

(c) If any vessel reaches the one-half mile post and has not communicated with the railroad dispatcher nor been cleared to proceed, the vessel should stop and contact either the railroad dispatcher at 800-262-4691 or the Port of Victoria emergency contact at 361-570-8855.

[USCG-2014-0952, 80 FR 39686, July 10, 2015]