33 CFR § 125.09 - Identification credentials.

The term Identification credentials as used in this subchapter, means any of the following:

(a) Coast Guard Port Security Card (Form CG 2514).

(b) Merchant Mariner's Document.

(c) Armed Forces Identification Card.

(d) Identification credentials issued by Federal Law enforcement and intelligence agencies to their officers and employees (e. g., Department of the Treasury, Department of Justice, Federal Communications Commission).

(e) Identification credentials issued to public safety officials (e. g., police, firemen) when acting within the scope of their employment.

(f) Transportation Worker Identification Credential.

(g) Such other identification as may be approved by the Commandant from time to time.

[CGD 56-15, 21 FR 2940, May 3, 1956, as amended by CGD 77-228, 43 FR 53427, Nov. 16, 1978; CG-2006-24196, 72 FR 3587, Jan. 25, 2007]