33 CFR 135.215 - Certification.

§ 135.215 Certification.

(a) Applicants shall:

(1) If the facility is in existence before September 17, 1979, apply for a Certificate of Financial Responsibility before September 17, 1979.

(2) If the offshore facility is not in existence on September 17, 1979, apply for a Certificate of Financial Responsibility at least 45 days before placing the offshore facility into operation or coverage becomes effective.

(3) If submitting an application to include an additional facility under previously established evidence of financial responsibility, apply for a Certificate of Financial Responsibility as early as possible before the anticipated date of desired coverage.

(b) Each application for a Certificate of Financial Responsibility must be made on a Coast Guard prescribed Application for Certificate of Financial Responsibility form, available from the Fund Administrator or any Coast Guard District Office. This form must be submitted for each facility; however, if evidence of financial responsibility has been previously established in an amount sufficient to meet § 135.203 (a), no additional evidence need be submitted with the application.

(c) Each application form submitted under this section must be signed by the applicant. A written statement proving authority to sign must also be submitted where the signer is not disclosed as an individual (sole proprietor) applicant, a partner in a partnership applicant, or a director or other officer of a corporate applicant.

(d) Financial data or other information submitted under this section that is proprietary in nature, or constitutes a trade secret, must be clearly designated as such to insure confidential treatment by the Fund Administrator, under 5 U.S.C. 552, the Freedom of Information Act, which provides for exemption from disclosure of trade secret data.

(e) If any of the information submitted for certification is determined by the Fund Administrator to be insufficient the Fund Administrator may require additional information before final consideration of the application.

(f) Certificates, as issued, are to be considered property of the U.S. Government, are not to be altered in any manner, and must be surrendered on demand when revoked in accordance with § 135.223 of this subpart.

(g) Applicants shall obtain a Certificate of Financial Responsibility for each facility.