33 CFR § 151.1516 - Compliance monitoring.

§ 151.1516 Compliance monitoring.

(a) The master of each vessel equipped with ballast tanks must provide the following information, in written form, to the Captain of the Port (COTP):

(1) The vessel's name, port of registry, and official number or call sign.

(2) The name of the vessel's owner(s).

(3) Whether ballast water is being carried.

(4) The original location and salinity, if known, of ballast water taken on, before an exchange.

(5) The location, date, and time of any ballast water exchange.

(6) The salinity of any ballast water to be discharged into the territorial waters of the United States.

(7) The intended discharge port for ballast water and location for disposal of sediment carried upon entry into the territorial waters of the United States, if ballast water or sediment are to be discharged.

(8) The signature of the master attesting to the accuracy of the information provided and certifying compliance with the requirements of this subpart.

(b) The COTP may take samples of ballast water to assess the compliance with, and the effectiveness of, this subpart.

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