33 CFR § 159.305 - Definitions.

§ 159.305 Definitions.

In this subpart:

Administrator - means the Administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Applicable Waters of Alaska - means the waters of the Alexander Archipelago and the navigable waters of the United States within the State of Alaska and within the Kachemak Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve.

Captain of the Port - means the Captain of the Port as defined in Subpart 3.85 of this chapter.

Conventional Pollutants - means the list of pollutants listed in 40 CFR 401.16.

Cruise Vessel - means a passenger vessel as defined in section 2101(22) of Title 46, United States Code. The term does not include a vessel of the United States operated by the federal government or a vessel owned and operated by the government of a State.

Discharge - means a release, however caused, from a cruise vessel, and includes, any escape, disposal, spilling, leaking, pumping, emitting or emptying.

Environmental Compliance Records - includes the Sewage and Graywater Discharge Record Book, all discharge reports, all discharge sampling test results, as well as any other records that must be kept under this subpart.

Graywater - means only galley, dishwasher, bath, and laundry waste water. The term does not include other wastes or waste streams.

Navigable Waters - has the same meaning as in section 502 of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, as amended.

Person - means an individual, corporation, partnership, limited liability company, association, state, municipality, commission or political subdivision of a state, or any federally recognized Indian tribal government.

Priority Pollutant - means the list of toxic pollutants listed in 40 CFR 401.15.

Sewage - means human body wastes and the wastes from toilets and other receptacles intended to receive or retain body waste.

Treated Sewage - means sewage meeting all applicable effluent limitation standards and processing requirements of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, as amended and of Title XIV of Public Law 106-554 “Certain Alaskan Cruise Ship Operations”, and regulations promulgated under either.

Untreated Sewage - means sewage that is not treated sewage.

Waters Of The Alexander Archipelago - means all waters under the sovereignty of the United States within or near Southeast Alaska as follows:

(1) Beginning at a point 58°11-44 N, 136°39-25 W [near Cape Spencer Light], thence southeasterly along a line three nautical miles seaward of the baseline from which the breadth of the territorial sea is measured in the Pacific Ocean and the Dixon Entrance, except where this line intersects geodesics connecting the following five pairs of points:

58°05-17 N, 136°33-49 W and 58°11-41 N, 136°39-25 W [Cross Sound]
56°09-40 N, 134°40-00 W and 55°49-15 N, 134°17-40 W [Chatham Strait]
55°49-15 N, 134°17-40 W and 55°50-30 N, 133°54-15 W [Sumner Strait]
54°41-30 N, 132°01-00 W and 54°51-30 N, 131°20-45 W [Clarence Strait]
54°51-30 N, 131°20-45 W and 54°46-15 N, 130°52-00 W [Revillagigedo Channel]

(2) The portion of each such geodesic in paragraph (1) of this definition situated beyond 3 nautical miles from the baseline from which the breadth of the territorial seas is measured from the outer limit of the waters of the Alexander Archipelago in those five locations.

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