33 CFR § 165.1106 - San Diego Bay, California—safety zone.

§ 165.1106 San Diego Bay, California—safety zone.

(a) The waters of San Diego Bay enclosed by the following boundaries are a safety zone:

From a point located on the boundary of Coast Guard Air Station San Diego, California at latitude 32°43′37.2″ N, longitude 117°10′45.0″ W (point A), for a point of beginning; thence southeasterly to latitude 32°43′36.2″ N, longitude 117°10′41.5″ W (point B); thence southwesterly to latitude 32°43′20.2″ N, longitude 117°10′49.5″ W (point C); thence northwesterly to latitude 32°43′25.7″ N, longitude 117°11′04.6″ W (point D); thence northeasterly to latitude 32°43′35.7″ N, longitude 117°10′59.5″ W (point E); thence generally easterly along the air station boundary to the point of beginning (point A).


(1) In accordance with the general regulations in § 165.23 of this part, entry into the area of this zone is prohibited unless authorized by the Captain of the Port, except as provided for below.

(2) Vessels may transit the area of this safety zone without permission, but may not anchor, stop, remain within the zone, or approach within 100 yards (92 meters) of the land area of Coast Guard Air Station San Diego or structures attached thereto.

[CGD 85-034, 50 FR 14703, Apr. 15, 1985 and COTP San Diego Reg. 85-06, 50 FR 38003, Sept. 19, 1985. Redesignated by USCG-2001-9286, 66 FR 33642, June 25, 2001]