33 CFR § 165.1110 - Security Zone: Coronado Bay Bridge, San Diego, CA.

§ 165.1110 Security Zone: Coronado Bay Bridge, San Diego, CA.

(a) Location. All navigable waters of San Diego Bay, from the surface to the sea floor, within 25 yards of all piers, abutments, fenders and pilings of the Coronado Bay Bridge. These security zones will not restrict the main navigational channel nor will it restrict vessels from transiting through the channel.

(b) Regulations.

(1) Under § 165.33, entry into, transit through, loitering, or anchoring within any of these security zones by all persons and vessels is prohibited, unless authorized by the Captain of the Port, or his designated representative. Mariners seeking permission to transit through a security zone may request authorization to do so from Captain of the Port or his designated representative. The Coast Guard can be contacted on San Diego Bay via VHF-FM channel 16.

(2) Vessels may enter a security zone if it is necessary for safe navigation and circumstances do not allow sufficient time to obtain permission from the Captain of the Port.

[COTP San Diego 04-015, 69 FR 43915, July 23, 2004]