33 CFR § 165.753 - Regulated navigation area; Tampa Bay, Florida.

§ 165.753 Regulated navigation area; Tampa Bay, Florida.

(a) The following is a regulated navigation area (RNA): All the navigable waters of Tampa Bay, Hillsborough Bay and Old Tampa Bay, including all navigable waterways tributary thereto. Also included are the waters of Egmont Channel, Gulf of Mexico from Tampa Bay, Tampa Bay Entrance, approximate position (27°35.2′ N, 083°00.4′ W).

(b) The master, pilot, or person in charge of any vessel of 50 meters or greater shall give a Navigational Advisory Broadcast in accordance with 47 CFR 80.331 on VHF-FM channel 13 at the following broadcast/reporting points:

(1) Prior to getting underway from any berth or anchorage;

(2) Prior to entering Egmont Channel from seaward;

(3) Prior to passing Egmont Key in any direction;

(4) Prior to transiting the Skyway Bridge in either direction;

(5) Prior to transiting the intersection of Tampa Bay Cut F Channel, Tampa Bay Cut G Channel, and Gadsden Point Cut Channel;

(6) Prior to anchoring or approaching a berth for docking;

(7) Prior to tending hawser;

(8) Prior to transiting Point Pinellas Channel Light 1 in either direction.

(c) Each Navigational Advisory required by this section shall be made in the English language and will contain the following information:

(1) The words “Hello all vessels, a Navigational Advisory follows”;

(2) Name of vessel;

(3) If engaged in towing, the nature of the tow;

(4) Direction of Movement;

(5) Present location; and,

(6) The nature of any hazardous conditions as defined by 33 CFR 160.202.

(d) Nothing in this section shall supersede the Navigational Rules (COLREGS and their associated Annexes and Inland Navigation Rules (33 CFR subchapter E)), as applicable, or relieve the Master or person in charge of the vessel of responsibility for the safe navigation of the vessel.

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