33 CFR § 210.2 - Notice of award.

§ 210.2 Notice of award.

The successful bidder will be notified in writing of the acceptance of his bid. Under construction contracts, this notice may accompany the contract papers which are forwarded for execution. To avoid error, or confusing the notice of award with a notice to proceed, the notice of award will be substantially in the following format:

You are hereby notified that your bid dated ____ in the sum of $___ covering ____ is accepted. A formal contract will be prepared for execution. Acceptable performance and payment bonds (if required) must be furnished upon execution of the formal contract. If approval of the contract is required by its express terms, the contract is not fully executed until such approval is obtained.

Under supply contracts a written award mailed (or otherwise furnished) to the successful bidder either on Standard Form 26 or Standard Form 33, results in a binding contract without further action by either party.
[26 FR 11732, Dec. 7, 1961]