33 CFR 245.40 - Removal by responsible party.

§ 245.40 Removal by responsible party.

(a)Corps monitoring. If the owner, lessee or operator agrees to remove a hazard to navigation, the District Engineer should ascertain that:

(1) Marking is accomplished promptly and is maintained,

(2) The plan for removal and disposal is reasonable and acceptable to the District Engineer,

(3) Removal operations do not unreasonably interfere with navigation,

(4) All conditions of the Corps of Engineers permit are met, and

(5) Removal operations are pursued diligently.

(b)Deficiencies. If the removal actions are not proceeding satisfactorily, the District Engineer will notify the responsible party of the deficiencies and provide a reasonable time for correction. If not corrected promptly, the District Engineer may declare the wreck “abandoned” and proceed with actions toward Corps removal.