33 CFR § 324.4 - Special procedures.

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§ 324.4 Special procedures.

The Secretary of the Army has delegated to the Chief of Engineers the authority to issue or deny section 103 permits. The following additional procedures shall also be applicable under this regulation.

(a) Public notice. For all applications for section 103 permits, the district engineer will issue a public notice which shall contain the information specified in 33 CFR 325.3.

(b) Evaluation. Applications for permits for the transportation of dredged material for the purpose of dumping it in ocean waters will be evaluated to determine whether the proposed dumping will unreasonably degrade or endanger human health, welfare, amenities, or the marine environment, ecological systems or economic potentialities. District engineers will apply the criteria established by the Administrator of EPA pursuant to section 102 of the Marine Protection, Research and Sanctuaries Act of 1972 in making this evaluation. (See 40 CFR parts 220-229) Where ocean dumping is determined to be necessary, the district engineer will, to the extent feasible, specify disposal sites using the recommendations of the Administrator pursuant to section 102(c) of the Act.

(c) EPA review. When the Regional Administrator, EPA, in accordance with 40 CFR 225.2(b), advises the district engineer, in writing, that the proposed dumping will comply with the criteria, the district engineer will complete his evaluation of the application under this part and 33 CFR parts 320 and 325. If, however, the Regional Administrator advises the district engineer, in writing, that the proposed dumping does not comply with the criteria, the district engineer will proceed as follows:

(1) The district engineer will determine whether there is an economically feasible alternative method or site available other than the proposed ocean disposal site. If there are other feasible alternative methods or sites available, the district engineer will evaluate them in accordance with 33 CFR parts 320, 322, 323, and 325 and this part, as appropriate.

(2) If the district engineer determines that there is no economically feasible alternative method or site available, and the proposed project is otherwise found to be not contrary to the public interest, he will so advise the Regional Administrator setting forth his reasons for such determination. If the Regional Administrator has not removed his objection within 15 days, the district engineer will submit a report of his determination to the Chief of Engineers for further coordination with the Administrator, EPA, and decision. The report forwarding the case will contain the analysis of whether there are other economically feasible methods or sites available to dispose of the dredged material.

(d) Chief of Engineers review. The Chief of Engineers shall evaluate the permit application and make a decision to deny the permit or recommend its issuance. If the decision of the Chief of Engineers is that ocean dumping at the proposed disposal site is required because of the unavailability of economically feasible alternatives, he shall so certify and request that the Secretary of the Army seek a waiver from the Administrator, EPA, of the criteria or of the critical site designation in accordance with 40 CFR 225.4.