33 CFR § 401.2 - Interpretation.

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§ 401.2 Interpretation.

In the regulations in this part:

(a) Corporation means the Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation;

(b) E-business means web applications on the St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation Web site which provides direct electronic transmission of data to complete and submit application forms and transit data;

(c) Flashpoint means the lowest temperature of a flammable liquid at which its vapor forms an ignitable mixture with air as determined by the closed-cup method;

(d) Manager means the St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation;

(e) Navigation season means the annual period designated by the Corporation and the Manager, that is appropriate to weather and ice conditions or vessel traffic demands, during which the Seaway is open for navigation;

(f) Officer means a person employed by the Corporation or the Manager to direct some phase of the operation or use of the Seaway;

(g) Passing through means in transit through a lock or through the waters enclosed by the approach walls at either end of a lock chamber;

(h) Pleasure craft means a vessel, however propelled, that is used exclusively for pleasure and that does not carry passengers who have paid a fare for passage;

(i) Preclearance means the authorization given by the Corporation or the Manager for a vessel to transit;

(j) Representative means the owner or charterer of a vessel or an agent of either of them and includes any person who, in an application for preclearance of a vessel, accepts responsibility for payment of the tolls and charges to be assessed against the vessel in respect of transit and wharfage;

(k) Seaway means the deep waterway between the Port of Montreal and Lake Erie and includes all locks, canals and connecting and contiguous waters that are part of the deep waterway, and all other canals and works, wherever located, the management, administration and control of which have been entrusted to the Corporation or the Manager;

(l) Seaway station means a radio station operated by the Corporation or the Manager. (Refer to 401.62. Seaway Stations for the list and location of stations);

(m) Tanker means any vessel specifically constructed for carrying bulk cargoes of liquid petroleum products, liquid chemicals, liquid edible oils and liquified gases in tanks which form both an integral part and the total cargo carrying portion of that vessel;

(n) Tariff of Tolls means the same as Schedule of Tolls in Canada;

(o) Tolls(s) or tolls and charges is included in the definition of fees in Canada;

(p) Towed means pushed or pulled through the water;

(q) Transit means to use the Seaway, or a part of it, either upbound or downbound;

(r) Vessel (ship in Canada) means any type of craft used as a means of transportation on water; and

(s) Vessel traffic controller (ship traffic controller in Canada) means the officer who controls vessel traffic from a Seaway station.

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