33 CFR 401.204 - Criminal penalties.

§ 401.204 Criminal penalties.

(a) Prosecution in the Federal courts for violations of Seaway Regulations enforced by the Corporation that provide, upon conviction, for punishment by fine or imprisonment is a matter finally determined the Department of Justice. This final determination consists of deciding whether and under what conditions to prosecute or to abandon prosecution.

(b) The Corporation's Chief Counsel is hereby authorized to determine whether or not a violation of the Seaway Regulations carrying a criminal penalty is one that would justify referral of the case to the U.S. Attorney.

(c) The Corporation's Chief Counsel will identify the regulations that were violated and make specific recommendations concerning the proceedings to be instituted by the U.S. Attorney in every case.

(d) Referral of a case to the U.S. Attorney for prosecution terminates the Corporation's authority with respect to the criminal aspects of a violation.

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[ 50 FR 10963, Mar. 19, 1985]