33 CFR 401.50 - Anchorage areas.

§ 401.50 Anchorage areas.

Except in an emergency, or unless authorized to do so by the traffic controller, no vessel shall drop anchor in any part of the Seaway except in the following designated anchorage areas:

(a) Point Fortier (Lake St. Louis).

(b) Melocheville (Beauharnois Canal).

(c) St. Zotique, Dickerson Island and Stonehouse Point (Lake St. Francis).

(d) Wilson Hill Island and Morrisburg (Lake St. Lawrence).

(e) Prescott and Union Park (St. Lawrence River).

(f) Off Port Weller (Lake Ontario).

(g) Off Port Colborne (Lake Erie).

[ 39 FR 10900, Mar. 22, 1974, as amended at 40 FR 25813, June 19, 1975; 73 FR 9954, Feb. 25, 2008]