33 CFR 401.59 - Pollution.

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§ 401.59 Pollution.

(a) No vessel shall:

(1) Emit sparks or excessive smoke; or

(2) Blow boiler tubes.

(b) No vessel shall discharge into Seaway waters any substance not in conformity with applicable United States Federal Regulations and Canadian Regulations with the exception of the waters of the Welland Canal where two specific zones are established in which no substances shall be discharged, namely,

(1) From Lock 7 (Thorold) to mile 17 (Welland); and

(2) From Lock 8 (Port Colborne) to the outer Port Colborne Piers (Lake Erie).

(c) A record shall be kept by the vessel of each location within the Seaway or adjacent waters where bilge water has been discharged.

(d) Except as authorized by the Corporation or the Manager, no vessel shall discharge garbage, ashes, ordure, litter or other materials.

(e) Except as authorized by the Manager or the Corporation, no over the side painting shall be allowed in the Seaway.

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