33 CFR 401.66 - Applicable laws.

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§ 401.66 Applicable laws.

(a) Vessels carrying a cargo or part cargo of fuel oil, gasoline, crude oil or other flammable goods in bulk, including empty tankers which are not gas free, and vessels carrying dangerous substances whether break-bulk or containerized, to which regulations made under the Canada Shipping Act, or under the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act or to which the Dangerous Cargo Act or the Hazardous Materials Transportation Act of the United States or regulations issued pursuant thereto apply, shall be deemed to carry dangerous substances and shall not transit unless all requirements of the said Statutes and regulations and of these Regulations have been fulfilled.

(b) Every vessel carrying dangerous cargo, as described in §§ 401.66 through 401.73, and all tankers carrying liquid cargo in bulk, shall file with the Corporation and the Manager a copy of the current load plan as described in § 401.72(e).

[ 45 FR 52379, Aug. 7, 1980, as amended at 61 FR 19551, May 2, 1996; 65 FR 52915, Aug. 31, 2000]
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