33 CFR 402.4 - Tolls.

§ 402.4 Tolls.

(a) Every vessel entering, passing through or leaving the Seaway shall pay a toll that is the sum of each applicable charge in § 402.12. Each charge is calculated on the description set out in column 1 of § 402.12 and the rate set out in column 2 or 3.

(b) The toll is assessed against the vessel, its cargo and its passengers for a complete or partial transit of the Seaway and covers a single trip in one direction.

(c) The toll is due from the representative of the vessel within 45 days after the day on which the vessel enters the first lock of a transit of the Seaway.

(d) Except as set out in paragraph (e) of this section, the Volume Rebate incentive cannot be combined (i.e., applied to the same cargo movement) with either of the New Business Incentive or the Service Incentive Programs.

(e) Except for cargoes that qualify for the New Business Incentive, any cargo being shipped by a liner or semi-liner approved under the Service Incentive program shall be eligible for the Volume Rebate Incentive.

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