33 CFR 402.8 - Gateway Incentive.

(a) To be eligible for the Gateway Incentive, cargoes, must presently be moving between a specific origin and destination via other competing gateways.

(b) To be eligible for the refund applicable under the Gateway Incentive program, a shipper, or its representative, must:

(1) Submit an application to the Manager for the proposed movement (cargo/origin/destination) to be approved under the rules of the Gateway Incentive program;

(2) Supply to the Manager the information proving that the proposed movement is currently done via a competing gateway;

(3) Negotiate with the Manager the terms of the proposal, that is an applicable toll reduction, a volume commitment, and the duration of the proposal.

(c) The shipper, or its representative, will qualify annually for the negotiated toll reduction upon completion of the annual volume commitment during the agreed upon duration period.

(d) The Gateway Incentive applies only to movements of qualified cargoes done after the commencement date of the qualified Gateway Incentive. Movements done prior to the date of commencement of the Gateway Incentive will be ineligible for the rebate.

(e) The shipper, or its representative, will provide the Manager with a request for the Gateway Incentive refund, together with copies of any documents required to support the request, within sixty (60 days) of the close of the navigation season. Requests for refunds should be submitted to the Manager, Revenue and Forecast, who will be responsible for reviewing all documents and data and recommending the refund under the Gateway Incentive.

(f) The negotiated Gateway Incentive percentage of tolls reduction paid in respect of qualifying cargo shipped will be refunded by the Manager after the close of the navigation season, once the Manager has confirmed through the review of submitted support documents that the shipper has met the volume commitment. The SLSMC reserves the right to require the ultimate origin and destination of cargoes to validate the commitment.

[ 81 FR 14391, Mar. 17, 2016]