33 CFR § 52.32 - Administrative closure.

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§ 52.32 Administrative closure.

(a) The Chair may administratively close a case after it has been docketed and at any time prior to its consideration by the Board if the Chair determines that:

(1) The application was erroneously docketed because the application did not meet the criteria under § 52.21;

(2) Effective relief cannot be granted by the Board;

(3) The Board does not have jurisdiction to determine the issues presented or the applicant has not exhausted an available administrative remedy, as required under § 52.13(b); or

(4) The Coast Guard has granted effective relief satisfactory to the applicant.

(b) Administrative closure does not constitute a denial of relief. Applicants who believe their cases should not have been administratively closed by the Chair may resubmit their applications with a request for further consideration and a statement explaining why the applicant believes his or her case should be docketed and considered by the Board. A request for further consideration shall be regarded as a new application for the purposes of §§ 52.21 and 52.26.

(c) If the Chair administratively closes a case, the applicant shall be advised of the reason and of the right to resubmit his or her application.