33 CFR Appendix B to Part 273 - Information Requirements for Aquatic Plant Control Program Reports

Appendix B to Part 273 - Information Requirements for Aquatic Plant Control Program Reports

1. Location and brief description of problem area if necessary for understanding environmental factors, including a suitable map (appendix).

2. Statement of problem with brief description of physical factors pertaining thereto, including identification by common and scientific name of the plant or plants concerned, origin of infestation and likely source of reinfestation; extent of infestation including estimated surface area, depth or density; nature of physical and economic damages occasioned by presence of the infestation; and other information clarifying the nature and magnitude of the problem. Explanation should be given of how and why the infestation meets the principal criteria governing the program.

3. Preliminary plan of procedure, if any, for control operations or engineering works, including control methods, materials, equipment and procedures that may be employed. If sufficient information is not available to outline a preliminary plan for operation control, the report should include a brief statement of the special problems in control methods that need to be resolved before detailed planning can be undertaken.

4. Preliminary project cost estimates broken down into planning and operation costs for Federal and non-Federal budgeting. The report should present sufficient data concerning cost estimates for review by item and unit price.

5. Preliminary economic evaluation with approximation of benefits and brief summary of supporting data classified as general or local.

6. Discussion of availability of authority for State participation in the program, the interest of State agencies in such participation, and the likelihood of State funds being available for cost-sharing required for any control operations.

7. Cost estimate for subsequent preparation of a detailed planning report, and estimated length of time to complete after receipt of funds, and schedule of funding by fiscal years.