33 CFR Appendix C_to_part_273 - Information Requirements for Aquatic Plant Control Program Environmental Impact Statements

Appendix C to Part 273 - Information Requirements for Aquatic Plant Control Program Environmental Impact Statements

1. Description of the problem.

a. Pests. Identify the pest to be controlled by common name. Be as specific as possible.

b. Location and size of infestation. Describe the target area as specifically as possible.

c. Severity of infestation. Discuss the degree and importance of the pest problem.

d. History of infestation. Discuss obvious development as established.

e. Criteria for identification of the treatment areas. Include technical details as established.

f. Possible cumulative effects of the proposed action in relation to other Federal or non-Federal pesticides application in the treatment area.

g. Relationship to environmental situation. Non-target organisms and integrated pest management programs.

2. Program accomplishments:

a. Goals. Discuss practical control levels.

b. Monitoring accomplishment level.

3. Identification of each chemical:

a. Name. Use common or coined names, and/or chemical name.

b. Active ingredient. Give name and percentage.

c. Status of Federal registration. Give registration number.

4. Application:

a. Form applied. Dust, granule, emulsion, bait solution, gas, etc.

b. Choice of equipment and techniques. Discuss general details of method of application.

c. Use strength. Give concentration of the active ingredient as applied.

d. Rate. Give rate of application in pounds per acre or other rate.

e. Frequency. Discuss probable frequency of application.

f. Acreage or other descriptive unit. Discuss area of proposed control.

g. Site description. Lake, river, drainage canal, irrigation canal, etc.

h. Sensitive areas. Discuss areas of potential contamination.

i. Container disposal. Discuss disposal requirements.

j. Safety precautions. Discuss hazards of exposure.

5. Alternative measures: Discuss details of alternative methods of control.