33 CFR Appendix D to Part 273 - Work Progress Report

Appendix D to Part 273 - Work Progress Report
Aquatic Plant Control Program
District: Vicksburg. Year Ending: 1 December 1974.
Division: Lower Mississippi Valley. Date Submitted: 15 December 1974.

1. Status of contracts scheduled for award in current fiscal year.

Contract Scheduled award date Actual award date
Plant control operations July 1973 July 31, 1973.

2. Comparison of scheduled and actual current FY obligations and expenditures to date.

Approved Mar. 28, 1974 Actual Difference
Obligations $4.7 $3.2 −$1.5
Expenditures 4.1 2.9 −1.2

3. Explanation of difference. Not applicable.

4. Outlook for meeting programmed objectives.

a. Programmed objectives. Full utilization of work allowance.

b. Outlook. We expect to meet our programmed objectives.

5. Problems and corrective action taken or proposed action. Not applicable.

6. Status of over-all program progress. Contract for plant control operations was awarded in July 1973 to take advantage of last part of plant growing season. Plant control operations began in October 1973 and have been completed for this fiscal year. Surplus funds in the amount of $21,700 will be revoked.