34 CFR § 200.11 - Participation in NAEP.

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§ 200.11 Participation in NAEP.

(a) State participation. Each State that receives funds under this subpart must participate in biennial State academic assessments of fourth and eighth grade reading and mathematics under the State National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), if the Department pays the costs of administering those assessments.

(b) Local participation. In accordance with section 1112(c)(3) of the ESEA, and notwithstanding section 303(d)(1) of the National Assessment of Educational Progress Authorization Act, an LEA that receives funds under this subpart must participate, if selected, in the State-NAEP assessments referred to in paragraph (a) of this section.

(c) Report cards. Each State and LEA must report on its annual State and LEA report card, respectively, the most recent available academic achievement results in grades four and eight on the State's NAEP reading and mathematics assessments under paragraph (a) of this section, compared to the national average of such results. The report cards must include -

(1) The percentage of students at each achievement level reported on the NAEP in the aggregate and, for State report cards, disaggregated for each subgroup described in section 1111(c)(2) of the ESEA; and

(2) The participation rates for children with disabilities and for English learners.

[84 FR 31672, July 2, 2019]