34 CFR § 303.342 - Procedures for IFSP development, review, and evaluation.

§ 303.342 Procedures for IFSP development, review, and evaluation.

(a) Meeting to develop initial IFSP - timelines. For a child referred to the part C program and determined to be eligible under this part as an infant or toddler with a disability, a meeting to develop the initial IFSP must be conducted within the 45-day time period described in § 303.310.

(b) Periodic review.

(1) A review of the IFSP for a child and the child's family must be conducted every six months, or more frequently if conditions warrant, or if the family requests such a review. The purpose of the periodic review is to determine -

(i) The degree to which progress toward achieving the results or outcomes identified in the IFSP is being made; and

(ii) Whether modification or revision of the results, outcomes, or early intervention services identified in the IFSP is necessary.

(2) The review may be carried out by a meeting or by another means that is acceptable to the parents and other participants.

(c) Annual meeting to evaluate the IFSP. A meeting must be conducted on at least an annual basis to evaluate and revise, as appropriate, the IFSP for a child and the child's family. The results of any current evaluations and other information available from the assessments of the child and family conducted under § 303.321 must be used in determining the early intervention services that are needed and will be provided.

(d) Accessibility and convenience of meetings.

(1) IFSP meetings must be conducted -

(i) In settings and at times that are convenient for the family; and

(ii) In the native language of the family or other mode of communication used by the family, unless it is clearly not feasible to do so.

(2) Meeting arrangements must be made with, and written notice provided to, the family and other participants early enough before the meeting date to ensure that they will be able to attend.

(e) Parental consent. The contents of the IFSP must be fully explained to the parents and informed written consent, as described in § 303.7, must be obtained, as required in § 303.420(a)(3), prior to the provision of early intervention services described in the IFSP. Each early intervention service must be provided as soon as possible after the parent provides consent for that service, as required in § 303.344(f)(1).

(Authority: 20 U.S.C. 1435(a)(4), 1436)

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