34 CFR § 361.14 - Substitute State agency.

§ 361.14 Substitute State agency.

(a) General provisions.

(1) If the Secretary has withheld all funding from a State under § 361.11, the State may designate another agency to substitute for the designated State agency in carrying out the State's program of vocational rehabilitation services.

(2) Any public or nonprofit private organization or agency within the State or any political subdivision of the State is eligible to be a substitute agency.

(3) The substitute agency must submit a vocational rehabilitation services portion of the Unified or Combined State Plan that meets the requirements of this part.

(4) The Secretary makes no grant to a substitute agency until the Secretary approves its plan.

(b) Substitute agency matching share. The Secretary does not make any payment to a substitute agency unless it has provided assurances that it will contribute the same matching share as the State would have been required to contribute if the State agency were carrying out the vocational rehabilitation program.

(Authority: Section 107(c)(3) of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended; 29 U.S.C. 727(c)(3))

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