34 CFR § 385.1 - What is the Rehabilitation Training program?

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§ 385.1 What is the Rehabilitation Training program?

(a) Purpose. The Rehabilitation Training program is designed to -

(1) Ensure that skilled personnel are available to provide rehabilitation services to individuals with disabilities through vocational, medical, social, and psychological rehabilitation programs (including supported employment programs), through economic and business development programs, through independent living services programs, and through client assistance programs;

(2) Maintain and upgrade basic skills and knowledge of personnel employed, including personnel specifically trained to deliver rehabilitation services, including supported employment services and customized employment services, to individuals with the most significant disabilities, and personnel specifically trained to deliver services to individuals with disabilities whose employment outcome is self-employment, business ownership, or telecommuting, to provide state-of-the-art service delivery and rehabilitation technology services; and

(3) Provide training and information to individuals with disabilities, the parents, families, guardians, advocates, and authorized representatives of the individuals, and other appropriate parties to develop the skills necessary for individuals with disabilities to access the rehabilitation system and to become active decision makers in the vocational rehabilitation process.

(b) The Secretary awards grants and contracts on a competitive basis to pay part of the costs of projects for training, traineeships or scholarships, and related activities, including the provision of technical assistance, to assist in increasing the numbers of qualified personnel trained in providing vocational rehabilitation services and other services provided under the Act, to individuals with disabilities. Financial assistance is provided through multiple training programs, including:

(1) Rehabilitation Long-Term Training (34 CFR part 386).

(2) Innovative Rehabilitation Training (34 CFR part 387).

(3) Rehabilitation Short-Term Training (34 CFR part 390).

(4) Training of Interpreters for Individuals Who Are Deaf and Hard of Hearing and Individuals Who Are Deaf-Blind (34 CFR part 396).

(Authority: Sections 12(c), 301 and 302 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended; 29 U.S.C. 709(c), 771 and 772)