34 CFR § 386.4 - What definitions apply?

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§ 386.4 What definitions apply?

The following definitions apply to this program:

(a) Definitions in 34 CFR 385.4.

(b)Other definitions. The following definitions also apply to this part:

Academic year means a full-time course of study -

(i) Taken for a period totaling at least nine months; or

(ii) Taken for the equivalent of at least two semesters, two trimesters, or three quarters.

Certificate means a recognized educational credential awarded by a grantee under this part that attests to the completion of a specified series of courses or program of study.

Professional corporation or professional practice means -

(i) A professional service corporation or practice formed by one or more individuals duly authorized to render the same professional service, for the purpose of rendering that service; and

(ii) The corporation or practice and its members are subject to the same supervision by appropriate State regulatory agencies as individual practitioners.

Related agency means -

(i) An American Indian rehabilitation program; or

(ii) Any of the following agencies that provide services to individuals with disabilities under an agreement or other arrangement with a designated State agency in the area of specialty for which training is provided:

(A) A Federal, State, or local agency.

(B) A nonprofit organization.

(C) A professional corporation or professional practice group.

Scholar means an individual who is enrolled in a certificate or degree granting course of study in one of the areas listed in § 386.1(b) and who receives scholarship assistance under this part.

Scholarship means an award of financial assistance to a scholar for training and includes all disbursements or credits for student stipends, tuition and fees, books and supplies, and student travel in conjunction with training assignments.

State vocational rehabilitation agency means the designated State agency as defined in 34 CFR 361.5(c)(13).

(Authority: Section 12(c) of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended; 29 U.S.C. 709(c)) f
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