34 CFR 664.33 - What costs does the Secretary pay?

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§ 664.33 What costs does the Secretary pay?

(a) The Secretary pays only part of the cost of a project funded under this part. Other than travel costs, the Secretary does not pay any of the costs for project-related expenses within the United States.

(b) The Secretary pays the cost of the following -

(1) A maintenance stipend related to the cost of living in the host country or countries;

(2) Round-trip international travel;

(3) A local travel allowance for necessary project-related transportation within the country of study, exclusive of the purchase of transportation equipment;

(4) Purchase of project-related artifacts, books, and other teaching materials in the country of study;

(5) Rent for instructional facilities in the country of study;

(6) Clerical and professional services performed by resident instructional personnel in the country of study; and

(7) Other expenses in the country of study, if necessary for the project's success and approved in advance by the Secretary.

(c) The Secretary may pay -

(1) Emergency medical expenses not covered by a participant's health and accident insurance; and

(2) The costs of preparing and transporting the remains of a participant who dies during the term of a project to his or her former home.

(Authority: 22 U.S.C. 2452(b)(6), 2454(e)(1))