34 CFR Part 379, Appendix A to Part 379 - Evaluation Standards

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Appendix A to Part 379—Evaluation Standards
Standard 1: The primary objective of the project must be to assist individuals with disabilities to obtain competitive employment. The activities carried out by the project must support the accomplishment of this objective.
Standard 2: The project must serve individuals with disabilities that impair their capacity to obtain competitive employment. In selecting persons to receive services, priority must be given to individuals with significant disabilities.
Standard 3: The project must ensure the provision of services that will assist in the placement of individuals with disabilities.
Standard 4: Funds must be used to achieve the project's primary objective at minimum cost to the Federal Government.
Standard 5: The project's advisory council must provide policy guidance and assistance in the conduct of the project.
Standard 6: Working relationships, including partnerships, must be established with agencies and organizations to expand the project's capacity to meet its objectives.
Standard 7: The project must obtain positive results in assisting individuals with disabilities to obtain competitive employment.

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