36 CFR § 1002.5 - Research specimens.

§ 1002.5 Research specimens.

(a) Taking plants, fish, wildlife, rocks or minerals except in accordance with other regulations of this chapter or pursuant to the terms and conditions of a specimen collection permit, is prohibited.

(b) A specimen collection permit may be issued only to an official representative of a reputable scientific or educational institution or a State or Federal agency for the purpose of research, baseline inventories, monitoring, impact analysis, group study, or museum display when the Executive Director determines that the collection is necessary to the stated scientific or resource management goals of the institution or agency and that all applicable Federal and State permits have been acquired, and that the intended use of the specimens and their final disposal is in accordance with applicable law and Federal administrative policies. A permit shall not be issued if removal of the specimen would result in damage to other natural or cultural resources, affect adversely environmental or scenic values, or if the specimen is readily available outside of the area administered by the Presidio Trust.

(c) A permit to take an endangered or threatened species listed pursuant to the Endangered Species Act, or similarly identified by the States, shall not be issued unless the species cannot be obtained outside of the area administered by the Presidio Trust and the primary purpose of the collection is to enhance the protection or management of the species.

(d) A permit authorizing the killing of plants, fish or wildlife may be issued only when the Executive Director approves a written research proposal and determines that the collection will not be inconsistent with the purposes of the Presidio Trust Act and has the potential for conserving and perpetuating the species subject to collection.

(e) Specimen collection permits shall contain the following conditions:

(1) Specimens placed in displays or collections will bear official National Park Service museum labels and their catalog numbers will be registered in the National Park Service National Catalog.

(2) Specimens and data derived from consumed specimens will be made available to the public and reports and publications resulting from a research specimen collection permit shall be filed with the Executive Director.

(f) Violation of the terms and conditions of a permit issued in accordance with this section is prohibited and may result in the suspension or revocation of the permit.