36 CFR § 1010.4 - NEPA Compliance Coordinator.

§ 1010.4 NEPA Compliance Coordinator.

(a) The NEPA Compliance Coordinator, as designated by the Executive Director, shall be the Trust official responsible for implementation and operation of the Trust's policies and procedures on environmental quality and control. The delegation of this responsibility shall not abrogate the responsibility of the Executive Director and the Board to ensure that NEPA and other applicable laws are followed, or the right of the Executive Director and the Board to overrule or alter decisions of the NEPA Compliance Coordinator in accordance with the Trust's regulations and procedures.

(b) The NEPA Compliance Coordinator shall:

(1) Coordinate the formulation and revision of Trust policies and procedures on matters pertaining to environmental protection and enhancement;

(2) Establish and maintain working relationships with relevant government agencies concerned with environmental matters;

(3) Develop procedures within the Trust's planning and decision-making processes to ensure that environmental factors are properly considered in all proposals and decisions in accordance with this part;

(4) Develop, monitor, and review the Trust's implementation of standards, procedures, and working relationships for protection and enhancement of environmental quality and compliance with applicable laws and regulations;

(5) Monitor processes to ensure that the Trust's procedures regarding consideration of environmental quality are achieving their intended purposes;

(6) Advise the Board, officers, and employees of the Trust of technical and management requirements of environmental analysis, of appropriate expertise available, and, in consultation with the Trust's General Counsel, of relevant legal developments;

(7) Monitor the consideration and documentation of the environmental aspects of the Trust's planning and decision-making processes by appropriate officers and employees of the Trust;

(8) Ensure that all EA's and EIS's are prepared in accordance with the appropriate regulations adopted by the CEQ and the Trust;

(9) Consolidate and transmit to appropriate parties the Trust's comments on EIS's and other environmental reports prepared by other agencies;

(10) Acquire information and prepare appropriate reports on environmental matters required of the Trust;

(11) Coordinate Trust efforts to make available to other parties information and advice on the Trust's policies for protecting and enhancing the quality of the environment; and

(12) Designate other Trust employees to execute these duties under the supervision of the NEPA Compliance Coordinator, where necessary for administrative convenience and efficiency. As used in this chapter, the term “NEPA Compliance Coordinator” includes any such designee.