36 CFR § 1200.7 - What are NARA logos and how are they used?

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§ 1200.7 What are NARA logos and how are they used?

(a) Agency logo. NARA has one official agency logo, which is illustrated as follows:

(b) The official agency logo is used:

(1) On agency letterhead and business cards;

(2) On all NARA web and social media sites (intranet and internet), whether hosted internally, remotely, or on a public forum (including sites on which a NARA office or program logo also appears);

(3) On exhibits;

(4) On publicity and other branding materials, and on items associated with a one-time or recurring NARA event or activity;

(5) On agency communications and presentations; and

(6) On other items as approved by the Archivist or his designee.

(c) The official agency logo does not replace NARA's official seals on other agency official business, such as certified records, the Federal Register, and authenticated copies.

(d) Office and program logos. NARA's official office and program logos include, but are not limited to, those illustrated as follows:

(1) The Federal Records Center Program;

(2) The National Historical Publications and Records Commission;

(3) American Originals;

(4) Electronic Records Archives;

(5) The Archival Research Catalog;

(6) The Archives Library Information Center;

(7) Presidential Libraries;

(8) Federal Register publications.

(i) Electronic Code of Federal Regulations.

(ii) Regulations.gov and FedReg.gov Web sites.

(iii) Federal Register paper edition.

(iv) Code of Federal Regulations paper edition;

(9) Regional archives:


(ii) Each regional archives has the same logo design with the geographic location of the facility added.

(10) The Office of Government Information Services (OGIS);

(11) The Controlled Unclassified Information Office (CUI); and

(12) The National Declassification Center (NDC).

(e) Other official NARA logos. For inquiries on other official NARA logos, contact the Office of General Counsel (NGC). Send written inquiries to the Office of General Counsel (NGC), Room 3110, 8601 Adelphi Rd., College Park, MD 20740-6001.

(f) NARA uses its office, program, and other official logos (usually in conjunction with the agency logo) for official business, which includes, but is not limited to:

(1) Exhibits;

(2) Publicity and other materials associated with a one-time or recurring NARA event or activity;

(3) NARA Web sites (Intranet and Internet);

(4) Officially approved internal and external publications; and

(5) Presentations.

(g) Use of logos by others. NARA logos may be used by the public and other Federal agencies for events or activities co-sponsored by NARA, but only with the written approval of the Archivist or his designee. See Subpart C for procedures to request approval for use.

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