36 CFR § 1233.10 - How does an agency transfer records to a NARA Federal Records Center?

§ 1233.10 How does an agency transfer records to a NARA Federal Records Center?

An agency transfers records to a NARA Federal Records Center using the following procedures:

(a) General. NARA will ensure that its records centers meet the facilities standards in 36 CFR part 1234, which meets the agency's obligation in § 1232.14(a) of this subchapter.

(b) Agencies must use their designated NARA Federal Records Center(s) as specified in their agency agreement with NARA (Federal Records Center Program (FRCP)) for the storage of records.

(c) Transfers to NARA Federal Records Centers must be preceded by the submission of a Standard Form (SF) 135, Records Transmittal and Receipt, or an electronic equivalent. Preparation and submission of this form will meet the requirements for records description provided in § 1232.14(c) of this subchapter, except the folder title list required for permanent and unscheduled records. A folder title list is also required for records that are scheduled for sampling or selection after transfer.

(d) A separate SF 135 or electronic equivalent is required for each individual records series having the same disposition authority and disposition date.

(e) For further guidance on transferring records to a NARA Federal Records Center, consult the NARA Federal Records Centers Program website (http://www.archives.gov/frc/toolkit.html#transfer). Request current NARA publications and bulletins by contacting an individual NARA Federal Records Center (contact information at http://www.archives.gov/frc/locations.html), or the FRCP by mail at National Archives and Records Administration; Federal Records Centers Program (AF); 8601 Adelphi Road; College Park, MD 20740-6001, or by phone at 301.837.2950.

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