36 CFR § 1254.24 - Whom does NARA allow in research rooms?

§ 1254.24 Whom does NARA allow in research rooms?

(a) We limit admission to research rooms in our facilities to individuals examining or copying documents and other materials.

(b) We do not admit children under the age of 14 to these research rooms unless we grant them research privileges (see paragraph (d) of this section).

(c) The appropriate supervisor may make exceptions for a child who is able to read and who will be closely supervised by an adult while in the research room. The adult must agree in writing to be present when the child uses documents and to be responsible for compliance with the research room and copying rules in subparts B and C of this part.

(d) Students under the age of 14 who wish to perform research on original documents must apply in person at the facility where the documents are located. At the National Archives Building, apply to the chief of the Research Support Branch (NWCC1). At the National Archives at College Park, apply to the chief of the Research Support Branch (NWCC2). For regional archives and Presidential libraries, apply to the appropriate supervisor or archivist in charge. We may require either that the student must present a letter of reference from a teacher or that an adult accompany the student while doing research. Students may contact NARA by phone, e-mail, fax, or letter in advance of their visit to discuss their eligibility for research privileges. Current contact information for our facilities is available on our Web site, http://www.archives.gov.

(e) We may permit adults and children participating in scheduled tours or workshops in our research rooms when they do not handle any documents that we show to them. These visitors do not need a researcher identification card.