36 CFR § 1260.1 - What is the purpose of this part?

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§ 1260.1 What is the purpose of this part?

(a) This subchapter defines the responsibilities of NARA and other Federal agencies for declassification of classified national security information in the holdings of NARA. This part also describes NARA's procedures for:

(1) Operation of the National Declassification Center,

(2) Processing referrals to other agencies,

(3) Facilitating systematic reviews of NARA holdings, and

(4) Processing mandatory declassification review requests for NARA holdings.

(b) Regulations for researchers who wish to request access to materials containing classified national security information are found in 36 CFR part 1256.

(c) For the convenience of the user, the following table provides references between the sections contained in this part and the relevant sections of the Order and the Implementing Directive.

CFR section Related section of E.O. 13526 Related section of
Implementing Directive
1260.20 Who is responsible for the declassification of classified national security Executive Branch information that has been accessioned by NARA? 3.3, 3.3(d)(3), 3.6
1260.22 Who is responsible for the declassification of classified national security White House originated information in NARA's holdings? 3.3(d)(3), 3.6
1260.24 Who is responsible for declassification of foreign government information in NARA's holdings? 6.1(s)
1260.28 Who is responsible for declassifying Restricted Data (as defined by the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended), Formerly Restricted Data (as defined in 10 CFR 1045.3, and Transclassified Foreign Nuclear Information (as defined in 32 CFR 2001.24(i))? 2001.24(i)
1260.34 What are the responsibilities of the NDC? 3.3, 3.3(d)(3), 3.4
1260.36 What are agency responsibilities with the NDC? 3.3(d)(3)
1260.40 What types of referrals will the NDC process? 3.3
1260.42 How does the NDC process referrals of Federal Records? 3.3(d)(3)(B)
1260.46 How does the Department of Defense process referrals? 3.3
1260.50 How are records at NARA reviewed as part of the automatic declassification process? 3.3
1260.52 What are the procedures when agency personnel review records in NARA's legal and physical custody? 3.3 2001.30(p)
1260.56 What are NARA considerations when implementing automatic declassification? 3.3
1260.72 What procedures does NARA follow when it receives a request for Executive Branch records under MDR? 3.6(a), 3.6(b) 2001.33
1260.74 What are agency responsibilities after receiving an MDR request forwarded by NARA? 3.5(c)
1260.76 What are NARA's procedures after it has received the agency's declassification determinations? Appendix A
1260.78 What is the appeal process when an MDR request for Executive Branch information in NARA's legal custody is denied in whole or in part? 3.3 2001.30(p), 2001.33
1260.80 What actions must NARA take when information in its physical and legal custody is reclassified after declassification under proper authority? 2001.13
1260.82 What actions must NARA take with information in its physical and legal custody that has been made available to the public after declassification without proper authority? 2001.13

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