36 CFR 13.330 - Appeal procedures.

§ 13.330 Appeal procedures.

An appeal of the denial of rights with respect to providing visitor services under this subpart may be made to the next higher level of authority. Such an appeal must be submitted in writing within 30 days of receipt of the denial. Appeals must set forth the facts and circumstances that the appellant believes support the appeal. The appellant may request an informal meeting to discuss the appeal with the National Park Service. After consideration of the materials submitted by the appellant and the National Park Service record of the matter, and meeting with the appellant if so requested, the Director will affirm, reverse, or modify the denial appealed and will set forth in writing the basis of the decision. A copy of the decision will be forwarded to the appellant and will constitute the final administrative decision in the matter. No person will be considered to have exhausted administrative remedies with respect to a denial of rights to provide visitor services under this subpart until a final administrative decision has been made pursuant to this section.