36 CFR § 251.111 - Definitions.

§ 251.111 Definitions.

In addition to the definitions in subpart B of this part, the following terms apply to this subpart:

Access means the ability of landowners to have ingress and egress to their lands. It does not include rights-of-way for power lines or other utilities.

Adequate access means a route and method of access to non-Federal land that provides for reasonable use and enjoyment of the non-Federal land consistent with similarly situated non-Federal land and that minimizes damage or disturbance to National Forest System lands and resources.

Congressionally designated area means lands which are within the boundaries of a component of the National Wilderness Preservation System, National Wild and Scenic River System, National Trails System, and also National Monuments, Recreation, and Scenic Areas within the National Forest System, and similar areas designated by Federal statute.

Landowner(s) means the owner(s) of non-Federal land or interests in land within the boundaries of the National Forest System.